Couples Financial Planning

Couples Financial Planning

  • Couples with a higher debt burden are more likely to have money-related arguments
  • An indicator of a healthy marriage is how comfortably and frequently couples talk about their financial aspirations and plan together for their life’s financial goals
  • 27% of women worry about being financially prepared in the event that their partner passes away.

If you and your partner have frequent arguments about money, you are not alone. Fights about money are unfortunately more common than you’d think – it’s one of the leading causes of divorce, after infidelity.

Reach out to a financial advisor today to mitigate this risk, and become more secure in your relationship through improved communication.

Here are the key takeaways from Amit Kukreja’s couples counselling workshop:

  • Couples end up satisfied with how they are dealing with their financial responsibilities
  • The relationship is more secure, and makes them feel more financially responsible
  • Both partners feel confident about how they are managing their money
  • The couple is much more confident about planning and navigating complex life goals, such as retirement or estate planning

You’re in good hands!

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