Financial Planning

Financial Planning


Modern day life has become complex. With increasing family incomes, plethora of available financial products and services, unavailability of time and knowledge to deal with financial assets and complexity in investments, the time has arrived when one can no longer make decisions with ease.

Understanding time value of money, investment vehicles, insurance offerings, interest rates, market volatility, inflation risks, and individual’s risk tolerance to investments is now an integral part of planning one’s financial life. The variables are too many for anyone to objectively plan his finances.

Through our comprehensive financial planning service, one gets the following:

  • Evaluation of current assets and liabilities
  • Assessment of family’s financial goals
  • Assessment of risks and insurance
  • Assessment of all investment vehicles used by the family
  • Plan of action for meeting future financial goals
  • Plan of action for new investments to achieve goals
  • Recommendations for contingency funds, new insurance, new investments, personal finance ratios, liquidations and acquisition of new assets if required.


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