Workplace Financial Wellness

Workplace Financial Wellness

The impact of poor financial wellbeing:
  • About 40% of employees worry about managing their money
  • About 2 sick days availed per year due to financial stress
  • About 6 times more likely to have troubled relationships with other employees
  • Twice more likely to be looking for a new job
Research highlights the impact of poor financial wellbeing as below:
  • Loss of 13-15% of salary cost
  • Higher recruitment and training costs
  • 25-40 productive days lost
How do we help you tackle this?

We provide comprehensive financial wellness sessions in group-learning as well as one-on-one coaching model. The sessions focus on improving the financial lives of the employees, and helps them get better at:

  1. Maintaining their family’s standard of living in the event of their death or disability.
  2. Maintaining the right risk protection framework
  3. Earning the best rates of return given their risk appetite and investment horizon
  4. Being aware of inflation and tax implications
  5. Using money to pursue life-goals.
  6. Learning to manage the cash flows wisely, keeping in mind the overall financial wellbeing of the family

With over 8 years of working with HR professionals to help improve the financial wellbeing of their employees, we offer customized training modules specifically designed for senior executives, middle management, and empanelled associates and consultants. The modules are granular in design, and educate participants about:

  1. What is financial planning? How does it help individuals & their families?
  2. Building financial fitness
  3. Money management and healthy money habits
  4. Tax planning strategy
  5. Understanding various assets and creating wealth accumulation strategy
  6. How to diversify your portfolio across financial assets, business, real estate and gold
  7. Money management with mindfulness – i.e. understanding your patterns of spending, saving and investing
  8. Financial goals and the roadmap to goals fulfilment
  9. Life transition and its impact on an individual
  10. Minimizing stress due to money worries

You’re in good hands!