Coming from a rich and diverse experience after having worked in several countries, Amit is fairly exposed to cultures. Has an organised and mature approach towards work and professional relationships. No wonder he is one of the few successful “Fee-Only” personal finance advisors in India, and has acquired large no of direct clientele and indirect ones through sharing the knowledge in personal finance on Television, Radio shows and Publications.

I shall firmly recommend him to anyone to gain insights about personal finance, build a strong assets portfolio for multiple income streams and avoid falling into the trap of product sellers with free-advice! ”

Amit Agrawal
Partner – Access Capital Advisors
Gurgaon, India

I’ve known Amit for almost 3 years and he is one of the finest Financial Planners I’ve come across. Not only does he have a thorough knowledge and expertise in his domain, he is also one of the most ethical and process oriented professional with extremely high integrity.

I attended his Financial Planning workshop and would strongly recommend everyone to attend it once. Initially I was a little apprehensive as finance is not one of my strong points, but he presented the fundamentals so clearly and in such simple terms that even a non-technical person like me could grasp the basic concepts in just one session. I’ve begun to understand the rationale behind each component and it has finally given me a push to evaluate my current investments as recommended by him.

I truly appreciate Amit’s commitment to using his skills to promote Financial awareness and using it as a tool to create a wealth portfolio to achieve not only one’s financial goals, but also life goals. ”

Shalini Sharma
Director – Taurus Inc
Gurgaon, India

” I connected with Amit over the internet and later met him. His approach towards financial planning and the fact he provide a fee based independent unbiased advice was critical for me. Amit is someone who you can trust with your financial planning. I highly recommend his services to anyone seriously looking to get a structured financial planning in place. ”

Sumeet Parashar
General Manager – Cybersecurity Asia, Middle East & Africa, CSC
Delhi, India

” As NRI living for the past 15+ years in the US, we sought Amit Kukreja’s help to manage a complex financial transaction. It involved sale of our property in India, repatriation of sale proceeds to the US, filing taxes in India, securing refund from GOI IT Department. Amit Kukreja and his team meticulously managed every step of this transaction with highest levels of customer service, professionalism and diligence. Simply put, this transaction would not have been possible without Amit. ”

Shri Sundaram
Software Products Head, Nvidia
California, USA

” I have used Amit’s services often for taking guidance on tax planning and wealth management. I must say he is very detailed oriented, methodical and knowledgeable. As he is a fee only planner so his advice is for sure unbiased. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any financial planning and wealth management related activity. ”

Ravi Kapur
M.D – Absolute Security & Facility Management Pvt. Ltd. (formerly Ace Detectives)
Delhi, India

” WealthBeing Advisors have been a thoroughly professional financial service provider. Their Fee-Only financial planning process gives me lot of confidence and easily builds trust. We have a better understanding of our cashflows. Our investments are based on a investment strategy now as opposed to being reactive. A strong insurance framework has been laid out for us. With the services availed we feel secure in our financial life. Thanks Amit! ”

Maneesh Bakhru
Sr. Expert – Information Security, Amdocs
Pune, India

“ Amit Kukreja, Founder of Wealth Being Advisor, possibly India’s best fee only financial advisory firm. Rohit & I have been consulting Amit over past couple of months and every time I meet him I take back so much more. For me money was only something we earned but after meeting Amit I realise how effectively and easily we can make money work for us and how essential it is to think about building a strong asset portfolio and a robust future plan for an ever after happier life. Even small changes in decision and adjustments can make a huge difference in returns over the years. We have just got started but we can already see the huge benefit of having a professional investment advisor by your side instead of applying the more common ‘Do It Yourself’ approach. Rohit & I are happy & blessed to have Amit by our side. I wish all the success to Wealth Being Advisors for in his success lies the success of all the clients he would advise. “

Nidhi Jain Seth
Founder Director at Pinnacle
Gurgaon, India

” After being misguided by a couple of Certified Financial Planners, Amit’s advisory service in restructuring my portfolio has been a life saver, primarily because he is a fee-only financial advisor. I got honest, objective and impartial advice which serves my interest. I really like his in-depth explanation of different products he recommends and the role they play in one’s portfolio. Amit is very responsive when you need his help. I would strongly recommend him. Thank you, Amit! I wish you all the best for your future ventures! ”

Umang Patel

” Amit was instrumental in the sale of our real estate property and repatriating proceeds to the US in a tax compliant way. Given the fact that we are US citizens and away from India for over a decade, we needed someone trusted and experienced to take care of our monetary transaction. Amit ensured smooth property transaction, deposits to our accounts in India, follow up with government offices, income tax compliance, investments planning and repatriation of funds to our US account in a timely manner. His service delivery is awesome – thoroughly professional and customer centric. We thank him for the enormous amount of effort he put in the whole transaction – keeping us posted at each step with every detail. We wish Amit all the success and a bright future! ”

Anil Vashistha
Enterprise Architect, Stericyle
Indianapolis, USA