Times have changed! Married couples are now taking accountability for their financial growth. Whether it’s a husband or a wife, both prefer career stability and financial independence.

#1. How can we ensure a couple is committed to their financial well-being?

#2. How can couples establish their contribution towards household expenses, financial goals for the family, personal investments, and support to respective parents?

#3. What is it that matters the most while planning for your financial life with your spouse?

#4. How to determine the right investments for each spouse given the plethora of choices?

#5. What insurance plans does each spouse need?

#6. How to determine the ownership of assets, tax deductions, and nominees?

To know the answers and more details, check out this important episode of Money Guru (in Hindi) on Zee Business, featuring Amit Kukreja with Pallavi Arun Verma 

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