Focus of the show is on corporate FDs.

  • What are different options of FD? (bank, post office, corp FD)
  • What is a corporate FD?
  • Various types of Corporate FDs?
  • Is there any tax benefit?
  • How is tax calculated in this option & will TDS be deducted?
  • How much is it different from bank FD?
  • How safe are these corporate FDs?
  • How we can know these are safe?
  • Who rates them?
  • Duration of corporate FDs? (1,2, 3, 4,5,7 yr).. Which is a good option?
  • Rate of return for corp FDs? Will they change during the tenure?
  • This option is good for which type of investors? (not for emergency fund, not for senior citizen)
  • Factors to consider while choosing right company for corp FD? (AAA/AA rating, track record of company, dividend track record, interest they are offering)
  • Cautions to be taken while making deposits?
  • Should Nominee be made while doing this FD?

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