Money9 Helpline | May 7, 2021

The show takes on several viewers’ questions helping them with options to invest for the financial goals given the COVID time again.

+ What does a Certified Financial Transitionist do?

+ How does a CeFT help in the financial planning process?

+ How does a business owner prepare for his contingency fund?

+ How does one invest to accumulate for his vacation goal in the near future?

+ Should one invest a lumpsum in the market now? What are the factors to bear in mind before investing in the market at the current indices level?

+ What are the factors to keep in mind when planning for goals with the spouse? What could lead to financial infidelity? How to avoid it?

+ What are the best fixed income products in the current economic landscape?

+ Can one make 10 to 12% in the portfolio without taking the risk? Do RBI bonds fit well?

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