Venue: Club Patio, Block E, South City-1, Gurgaon.
Session Time: 10AM to 1PM, followed by Lunch (inclusive in the fee)

If the following questions are bothering you, it’s time you attended one of these sessions:

  • I am unable to track my cost of living. How do I track & improve my cashflows?
  • Is my money well spent? Is it well invested?
  • What is inflation? How does it hurt my investments?
  • How do I ensure my financial goals are taken care of?
  • How do I choose the right suite of financial products that take care of me and my family?
  • Why do pay so much tax? Can I reduce my tax liability incurred in my investments?
  • What is the right investments mix for me and my family?
  • How do I maximize my returns on investments?
  • I am unsure of the right insurance framework. Why do I need life Insurance, health insurance, critical illness, & disability insurance plans?

Topics to be covered in the workshop:

+ What is financial planning?
+ Right Insurance Framework
+ Key financial ratios and diagnostics for your wealth
+ Significance of an investment portfolio
+ Various asset classes that an investor can own
+ Tax advantages of various asset classes
+ Asset mix and its significance
+ Funding your financial goals with various asset classes
+ Q&A

Participant Fee
Individual: Rs. 1,500/= per person
Couple: Rs. 2,500/= per couple

If you are interested to attend, do send a text message “Yes for 20th” to +91-9999-11-9005