Topics to discuss:
-What are sectoral and thematic funds?
-In which sectoral fund(s) should an investor invest?
-How to choose the right sectoral/thematic fund(s)?
-Which mutual funds should we bet on?
-Why are sectoral funds considered highly risky?

Q & A:
-I have 3 active ongoing SIPs and few lump sum investments for a horizon of 10 years. Am I investing right or do you suggest changes?
-I want to accumulate 2 Cr in 20 years and I have been investing for last 5 years. Will I achieve my goal?
-I have an ongoing SIP of 20K and my horizon is 7 to 10 years. Pls suggest how should I go ahead?
-I want to buy a house. I have an investment horizon of 6 years with ongoing SIPs of 7k pm. Pls suggest a plan?

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